Design by Carol Saunders

Communicate visually with the right design

Good design is about presenting your particular message to your particular audience. Whether you are producing your annual report, an update for your stakeholders, a leaflet for the general public, or an internal policy guide, presentation matters.

Professional design for any audience

As part of my service, I can offer straightforward professional designs, tailored to your readers. You will find this particularly useful if your publication is simple, or if your audience is a mix of ages and backgrounds. For example, experience tells me when to buck the current trend for tiny type and over-busy layouts.

Preserving your corporate identity

Alternatively, I am equally happy to work to your corporate styles or to use your graphic design company’s template. I am particularly experienced in providing the artwork for internal and external newsletters.

If your publication needs to be produced in community languages, my QuarkXPress layouts can go directly to a translation company for the text to be replaced, cutting out repetition and reducing costs.

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