Copywriting by Carol Saunders

“You can require me to work from your existing copy, or ask me to research and write your publication from scratch.”

Getting your copy just right

Good copy reads well, holds a reader’s attention, promotes, persuades and explains. Above all, it presents your organisation as you want to be seen.

For more than 25 years, my copy has been aimed at every level of society, from social housing residents through to businesses, funding bodies and Government ministers.

I have written annual reports, newsletters, leaflets, magazine articles, resident handbooks, text for websites and competition entries. I have ‘translated’ legal documents into plain English, written guides to Government funding, produced staff computer manuals and redrafted suites of corporate letters.

Transferable writing and research skills

I offer particular expertise when writing on housing, regeneration, sustainability and community matters. However, my research and writing skills are immediately transferable to other sectors. I would be particularly interested to hear from any organisation or company with a complex message that needs to be presented to a general audience.

Many of my commissions come to me in a rudimentary form, because my longstanding clients know they can rely on my ability to get quickly to the heart of the matter.

I can produce copy for your designers, or provide you with clear, professional designs as part of the service. If I write and design your project, you benefit from proofs that have already been carefully checked, with copy written to fit.

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